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An Analytical Edge

Market Zeitgeist Reports analyzes financial markets using a “Top-Down” macro approach employing a fusion of Technical Analysis and Quantitative/Statistical methods to capture reliable price points for actionable position entries and exists.

Our professional analysts are vigilantly scanning for salient clues to determine trend direction and statistically reliable support/resistance levels. These high probability levels or "price zones" allow for defined mathematical expectations which is most valuable to both those seeking extraordinary profit opportunities and risk managers alike. The following link details a sample of our High Probability Price Zones providing an Analytical Edge:

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Please Pardon Our Dust

Please Pardon our dust…

Pardon our dust as we prepare for enhanced analysis and commentary starting early-September 2014. All Implied Volatility Bands, Market Zeitgeist / Emptus signals and Overnight Futures tables are current and will continue to be updated throughout as we prepare for the launch of our enhanced content.  

06-23-14 SPX Daily Headline Chart

Reversal risk elevated as equity indices are vulverable with confluent overbought indicators.

The relentless grind higher of the U.S. equity indices can’t be denied. However regardless of one’s optimism, indices are nearing extreme overbought levels with confluent confirming indicators. For example, SPX RSI2 ended Friday’s trade greater than 97 and RSI5 greater than 80. Both are at extreme short term overbought levels. What’s more, the current angle […]

05-27-14 SPX Daily Headline Chart

Prices extend higher after capture of “Bullish Trend Reversal Threshold”. Lack of validateing volume could be problematic.

SPX extends higher to reinforce a short term “Bullish Trend Reversal” but declining volume fails to validated new highs. Although the end of the month normally favors Buyers, approaching overbought conditions and lack of confirming volume increases (Bearish) reversal risk. A healthy pause to digest gains is favored with any throwbacks to test lower support […]