Sun, 25 Feb 18, 09:54:29 AM UTC
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An Analytical Edge

Market Zeitgeist Reports analyzes financial markets using a “Top-Down” macro approach employing a fusion of Technical Analysis and Quantitative/Statistical methods to capture reliable price points for actionable position entries and exists.

Our professional analysts are vigilantly scanning for salient clues to determine trend direction and statistically reliable support/resistance levels. These high probability levels or "price zones" allow for defined mathematical expectations which is most valuable to both those seeking extraordinary profit opportunities and risk managers alike. The following link details a sample of our High Probability Price Zones providing an Analytical Edge:

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SPX Daily Chart 9-2-14

All eyes are on Friday’s upcomming Non-Farm Payroll Report with SPX starting the week near all-time highs.

After the typical mid-summer corrective phase, SPX approaches the start of September and return of vacationing market participants hovering near all-time highs. All eyes are on Friday’s Non-Farm Payroll report with the reaction to this report to determine the durability of the current rally. Until then, caution is warranted as the lack of volume fails […]

SPX Daily Chart 8-4-14

Normal Seasonal Weakness Weighs on Equity Indices

With a return of seasonal volatility to financial markets last week, we believe this is a good time to review and evaluate our earlier views. In prior commentaries, we were very cautious and reluctant to add any further exposure to equity index complexes as U.S. equity markets extended to historic highs this past June and […]