Wed, 17 Jan 18, 06:51:35 AM UTC
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An Analytical Edge

Market Zeitgeist Reports analyzes financial markets using a “Top-Down” macro approach employing a fusion of Technical Analysis and Quantitative/Statistical methods to capture reliable price points for actionable position entries and exists.

Our professional analysts are vigilantly scanning for salient clues to determine trend direction and statistically reliable support/resistance levels. These high probability levels or "price zones" allow for defined mathematical expectations which is most valuable to both those seeking extraordinary profit opportunities and risk managers alike. The following link details a sample of our High Probability Price Zones providing an Analytical Edge:

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SPX Daily Chart 11-18-14

Market participants at a standoff awaiting directional resolution of a defined explosive technical pattern. Resolution will determine the direction of the next durable trend.

The broad equity markets (as represented by SPX) are at an important inflection point with an explosive contracted volatility pattern awaiting resolution. “Diamond” patterns portend extended price moves either higher or lower. Normally resolution is in the direction of the prevailing trend but with most indices at multiyear or historic highs and overdue for a […]

SPX Daily Chart 10-28-14

Early weakness finds support at a very steep daily ascending trendline as Buyers rescue the current short term sharp rebound.

If appears eager Buyers await throwback tests of lower support levels after Monday’s early weakness quickly reversed to close near the highs of the session. The resulting bullish “Hammer” chart pattern suggests further higher prices with the outcome of the an assault on the overhead 50 day moving average to determine the sustainability of the […]