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Matthew Peters, CMT

Founding Partner/Managing Director (Retired) - Emptus Research

Former Managing Director at Emptus Research (a Business and Economic Research firm), Matt was singularly responsible for the firm's financial markets technical analysis and editor of online financial markets commentary site Market Zeitgeist Reports. From an introduction to an application of "Japanese Candlestick" charting methods while working at a financial institution in Japan (1993-94) to his former position at Emptus Research specializing in a quantitative approach to technical analysis applications, he acquired over 20 years of professional financial market research experience. Matt is a graduate of the University of Maryland-College Park (BA, Economics) and Middle Tennessee State University (MA, Economics and Industrial Relations). He remains a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) and current member of the Market Technicians Association.


Richard Posson, CMT

Partner/Principal Fund Manager - Captura Wealth LP

Rich performs proprietary cyclical analysis referred to as Cycle Series Analysis, or “CSA”. CSA has been applied to several commodity and financial markets as well as to weather, economic indicators, and fundamental information such as production, demand, profit margins, and more. He is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT), and member of Market Technicians Association (MTA). Through a quest to seek conditions of a business cycle trend, he has researched standard economics, fundamental, technical, quantitative, qualitative, behavioral economics, sociology, quantum/chaos physics, and the cyclical climate research of Raymond Wheeler. Rich is also Senior Market Analyst at Pro Farmer-"Professional Grade News, Analysis and Advice" and principal fund manager of the private alternative investment fund Captura Wealth LP as well.

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